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Homeschooling Myths for Fulltime RV Living

Home schooling socialization is a concern for many families who choose to remove their children from public school, but can be a particular challenge for those experiencing fulltime RV living. Learn about homeschooling myths and how to keep in touch with friends on the road.

There are many homeschooling myths out there that homeschooling parents hear about. It's easy to be concerned about issues like home schooling socialization, since many people make a big deal about it.

While this issue definitely isn't the huge problem that many people make it out to be, it is important that you take a look at the socialization issue when you are considering homeschooling your children on the road.

To get a good look at home schooling socialization, it's important that you get beyond the homeschooling myths that are out there. Here is a closer look at the myth, the truth, and more information that can help you to deal with this issue for homeschooled Rvers while experiencing fulltime RV living.

The Socialization Myth

home-schooling-socialization First, lets take a look at the socialization myth that surrounds the topic of home schooling socialization.

Many people (who don't homeschool) have the misconception that kids that homeschool spend their day in isolation, never having contact with the world around them.

For most families, this is far from the real truth.

Socialization includes a lot more than a social life - it includes developing important social skills that allow kids to know how to interact in various situations in an appropriate manner.

This is one of the many homeschooling myths out there and the reality behind it is that homeschooled RVers actually have many opportunities to interact with others on a regular basis with fulltime RV living.

It's also important to realize that most people out there think that kids need to attend school for socialization. The truth is that kids that attend schools are trained to socialize with kids that are their own age and often they are taught to rebel against authority figures as well.

On the other hand, when it comes to home schooling socialization, kids learn to socialize with people from all walks of life and those within every age bracket.

Kids that homeschool get socialized in many other ways. They can interact with other homeschoolers at get-togethers. They also get to interact with many people during day-to-day activities, such as visiting the doctor, going to the library, shopping at the grocery store, and more.

A wonderful benefit of fulltime RV living. In fact, they often have more opportunities to socialize than those in traditional schools, so this is one of the homeschooling myths you need to write off.

Fulltime RV Living Families

home-schooling-socialization-02; mother and daughter in rv When it comes to home school socialization for those who are RVers that travel on a regular basis, it can be a little different.

While kids have the opportunity to socialize with many different people on a regular basis, maintaining friendships with other kids or teens can be challenging.

To help your teens keep up relationships with those their own age, here are a few tips that can help RVers out.

Tip #1 -
When you are at RV parks, make sure your kids are friendly and proactive. Encourage them to get out there and meet new kids and new friends. Since you'll be stopping at RV parks all over the country, your kids will have the opportunity to create new relationships on a regular basis.

Tip #2 -
Another tip for home school socialization for RVers is to make sure your kids can stay in contact with friends that they make. With today's technology available, this is easier than ever. It's easy to stay in contact with friends online and cellphones make it easy to call friends up to chat on a regular basis too.

How We Homeschool

Curious about what the Perkins use for their homeschooling curriculum? Check out this page and learn how our kids do schoolwork on the road. Time4Learning

Tip #3 -
Take the time to join up with local homeschooling groups. You can check out Yahoo groups online to find local groups of homeschoolers when you are traveling. Contact them to see if you can enjoy them for activities so your kids can enjoy meeting new kids and hanging out with kids their own age.

Tip #4 -
Make the most of summer camps that are available. This is another great way to ensure home school socialization occurs. Summer camps allow kids to meet kids their own age and have fun. You can also find boy scout or girl scout activities in the area you're in at the time for you and your kids to enjoy.

Tip #5 -
You'll also want to ensure that kids can keep in contact with their friends back home as well.

If they have already developed some great friendships with kids back home, encourage them to keep up those friendships, even while traveling.

Tip #6 -
Allow your kids to use the RV Travel with Kids forum. This allows kids to meet other kids that are RVers and they can keep in contact with them via this forum as well.
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