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Gold Mining in Alaska

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Gold mining in Alaska got your pulse skipping a beat? Read on about Alaska treasure hunting and do some road trip vacation planning for your family RV adventure.

The history of gold mining in Alaska has been well-documented through accounts of the Klondike Gold Rush.

In the late 1800's, Alaska treasure hunting became popular as word spread that a small group of prospectors had struck gold.

At this time, the rest of the United States had weathered a series of economic difficulties, and when news came that there was gold to be found in Alaska, suddenly Alaska was the place everyone wanted to be.

gold-mining-in-alaska-01; Alaskan Gold Nugget Feeling that gold mining in Alaska provided greater opportunity than they faced in their current cities, many people picked up and left the mainland for good.

Each day, more and more settlers moved to Alaska to try their hand at striking it rich with Alaska treasure hunting.

Treasure seekers came from all over the world, not just the United States.

Because Alaska was largely undeveloped at the time, these new settlers were pioneers in what would become modern-day Alaska.

Gold mining in Alaska was not an easy task. Prospectors had to pack and carry their own food and equipment over treacherous territory, and many could not withstand the bitterly cold temperatures during the winter.

Other less adventurous settlers took advantage of the opportunity to make a living selling supplies to their fellow Alaska treasure hunting adventurers. Those who were lucky enough to stake their own claims often faced long stretches of solitude. In addition, the possibility of facing a claim dispute made it difficult to trust and befriend other prospectors.

Though the Klondike Gold Rush ended years ago, a renewed interest in gold has put gold mining in Alaska back on the map. Both tourists and serious prospectors are once again flocking North to indulge in Alaska treasure hunting and adding this to their road trip vacation planning.

You and your family can relive the excitement and adventure of the Alaskan Gold Rush by making time for gold mining in Alaska during your travels.

The Moore Creek Mine in Anchorage is a popular spot where families can vacation while experiencing what it feels like to live as a modern day prospector.

Those who plan an Alaska treasure hunting trip to the Moore Creek mines pay a substantial room and board fee for the opportunity to search for gold on the campgrounds for a week at a time. Something you should consider on your next road trip vacation planning.
However, unlike some Alaska treasure hunting sites, this camp provides all of the equipment you will need to be a successful gold miner. Though not everyone strikes gold, the camp's website does include stories of camping miners who have located extraordinary finds. Another great stop to add to your road trip vacation planning.

Because serious gold mining can be tough on small children, those who are not interested in gold mining in Alaska can still enjoy a treasure hunt of sorts by participating in an activity known as preaching. Geocaching is a collaborative, high-tech treasure hunt that requires the use of a GPS system. Geocaching adventurers use GPS coordinates to locate hidden treasures that were left by the previous adventurer. Once you find a treasure, you must leave something for the next adventurer.

Alaska treasure hunting through the use of geocaching is an excellent family bonding activity that can be done by family members of all ages. In addition, the hiking required to reach many of the cache locations is an excellent form of exercise. Before you begin, do some reading online to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game in the area where you plan to play.

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