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Fun Facts about Arizona

Funny Laws & Silly Stuff for Road Trip Planning

Fun facts about Arizona to make you giggle! Read these interesting facts about Arizona as you are road trip planning or just because you want to laugh a little. Be prepared to tickle your funny bone!

It's time to relax with some interesting facts about Arizona, but be prepared to smarten up as well with some rather educational yet fun facts about Arizona thrown in along the way.

Let's start with this; the nickname for Arizona could have been the Sweetheart State, since it officially became an American state on February 14, 1912. That's Valentine's Day, if you weren't already informed.

Arizona has its own trout that cannot be found anywhere else in the world and there are many more interesting facts about Arizona where that came from. Keep reading for more fun facts about Arizona and things that can only be found in this state while your road trip planning.

Fun Facts about Arizona

You'll learn a lot about this state with these facts, but keep your funny bone open for the Arizona fun facts buried in with all that knowledge...

fun-facts-about-arizona-01; state outline Navajo Spies
The Navajo Indians of Arizona have their own language which few others understand.

That is what gave the U.S. an advantage in the Second World War Many of our secret agents were of Navajo decent which ensured our biggest secrets were completely safe.

Water Crimes
You are not allowed to say no when someone asks for a drink of water in Alaska.

Keep the taps flowing just in case the locals stop by your RV. You don't want to commit a crime and get water logged in jail.

A Penny for Your Roof
What could you do with 4,800,000 pennies? You might cash it in and go to the movies, but the Arizona government had a different idea. They used enough copper to form that many pennies when building the roof of the Capital building.

Stretched Thin
Do you think it's possible to stand in one spot and be in four different states at the same time? Of course it's possible! You just have to travel to Four Corners which is a spot in Arizona that also happens to be a spot in three other states. Something to think about while your road trip planning.

Fun Facts about Arizona

State Name: ARIZONA

State Abbreviation: AZ

State Capital: Phoenix

Largest City: Phoenix

State population:6,595,778

Population Rank: #14/50

Area/Size: 113,642 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #6/50

Date became a State: February 14, 1912

Number accepted into the Union: #48/50

Residents are called: Arizonan, Arizonian

Gone in a Flash
The O.K. Corral gunfight was carried out in Arizona in 1881.

It has been portrayed as one of the most exciting gun fights ever, but in reality you could have blinked and missed the whole thing.

It only lasted a mere 30 seconds.

Fish Story
A 59 pound, 12 ounce freshwater striped bass was caught on the line and reeled to the surface in Bullhead City, Arizona.

This is the largest freshwater bass every caught in the state.

Making a Splash
That was a big fish, but it was nearly as big as the fountain in Fountain Hills.

This fountain is believed to be the biggest not just in the state, but in the entire world.

It's probably not safe for skinny dipping so contain yourselves if you visit.

24-hours, Everyday
Arizona locals never have to give up an hour in the spring but they also never get to sleep in one hour in the fall. This is because they don't observe daylight savings time. They just stick with Mountain Standard Time all year round.

Big Boots to Fill
The country of Italy is the same size as Arizona. The Arizona interesting fact here is that Italy has nearly 60 million people while Arizona only has about 5 million.

Surprising Skiing
Sunrise Mountain received 400.9 inches of snow in 1872-1973. Don't you wish you could have visited back then? The snow tubing, skiing, and snowboarding would have been great and they probably had hot chocolate always ready to serve.

Hot is an Understatement
This is one of those interesting facts about Arizona that could melt 400.9 inches of snow in seconds: on June 26, 1990, Phoenix hit an all time high temperature of 122 degrees. So much for snowboarding and a fountain of hot chocolate.

Interesting Facts About Arizona - Silly Arizona Laws

You've filled your brain with those fun facts about Arizona, but it's time to relax and get your giggle on with a few silly but real Arizona laws...

fun-facts-about-arizona-02; state stamp Spur Scorn
Take off the spurs before you hit your hotel because they are not legal in the lobby.

At least the cowboys can still wear their loaded holsters and fringe infested vests.

Prejudiced Poker
If you come across a Native American wielding a deck of cards in Globe, Arizona, it may be a police sting.

In this city is illegal to play cards with Native Americans while out on the streets.

Backwards Barricades
Make sure you never get lost or need to parallel park in Glendale, Arizona. This city forbids cars from going in reverse. You would have to write them in advance and ask if that applies to RVs too.

Dress to Impress
Traveling to Tucson this trip? Put away the blue jeans and break out the skirts because this city deems it illegal for women to wear pants. This is obviously not one of our more progressive, modern cities.

Interesting Facts about Arizona

State Motto: God Enriches
State Nickname: Grand Canyon
State Bird: Cactus Wren
State Flower: Saguaro Cactus Flower
State Tree: Blue Palo Verde

Toothless Grin
Do you know those "flippers" worn by young girls in beauty pageants?

Arizona residents should take out stock in those things, since they make it illegal for anyone 18 years and over to smile with more than one lost tooth.

Tell grandpa to stay in the back of the RV when you pass through this city.

Tub o' Mules
Good news! Your bathtub is completely safe in Arizona. It is illegal for donkeys to sleep in the tub, which is great news if you really like napping in the tub alone.

Camel Country
There may be a few camels wandering around the highway as you drive through Arizona. You may be tempted to bring one inside and show it the inside of your oven, but hold off and find a restaurant instead. It is illegal to hunt camels in this state.

Arizona is Known For...

You've had your brain's fill of fun facts about Arizona and have turned your frown upside down with our interesting facts about Arizona. Now you just need to know that Arizona is known for its desert climate and amazing natural destinations like the Grand Canyon.

You aren't tired of fun facts about Arizona yet? Stop reading and head on over to the Painted Desert to see the state from your own perspective while your road trip planning. Just remember the camels cannot be your dinner and card wielding Native Americans are completely off the beaten path.
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