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Top 10 Florida Road Trips

Family Friendly Florida Tourist Attractions

Thinking about Florida road trips? Get the scoop here as to the top 10 Florida tourist attractions, according to RV Travel with Kids. Ready? Here's your Florida tourist info.

Though most people automatically think of sunny beaches when they start planning Florida road trips, rest assured that you and your family can experience much more than fun in the sun. Florida tourist info has yielded plenty of unique stops along the way to the coast that are enjoyable for the entire family.

Best Roadside Attraction: The Coral Castle Museum

florida-road-trips-02; heart shaped table at coral castle This awe inspiring and somewhat mysterious structure was built by the hand of one man, Latvian native Ed Leedskalnin.

Constructed with over 1,000 tons of coral, this structure was a tribute to Agnes, the woman who left him at the altar many years earlier.

Florida tourist info highlights the great mystery of this castle: the fact that Ed built it all alone, using what he referred to as "the secret of the pyramids."

Coral Castle

Best Factory Tour: Florida's Natural Growers Grove House Visitor Center

Though this informational tour offers behind the scenes information about what the process of bringing Florida's Natural products from the grove to the table, this isn't a "technical" tour of the factory. However, it's a cool place to visit on a hot day, and addition to informational exhibits, you will also have the opportunity to walk through an actual citrus grove and get free samples of orange juice.

Florida's Natural Orange Juice

florida-road-trips-01; feeding giraffes at lion country safari

Best Place to See Animals: Lion Country Safari

This combination amusement park and driving safari incorporates live animals, shopping, and rides.

The best planned Florida road trips should include a day to fully explore all of the family friendly attractions this park has to offer.

To save money on admission prices, check the park's website in advance for discount savings coupons.

Lion Country Safari

Best Place to Get Wet: Crystal River Remarkable Manatee Tour

Depending on your personal preferences, this unique tourist location offers you the choice of observing manatees from a comfortable touring boat, or actually getting in the water to snorkel and swim along with the manatees. According to Florida tourist info, in order to get outfitted for your swimming gear, the park asks that you arrive half an hour early.

Crystal River Manatee Tour

Best Place to Eat: Jack's Old Fashion Hamburger House

This nostalgic hamburger restaurant freshly grinds their own beef twice each day and serves up old fashioned burgers and fries. Jack's has a location in both Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach. If your Florida road trips include a visit to this burger house, be prepared to get there early enough to bet the daily lunch-rush.

Jack's Hamburgers

Best Ghost Story: The Flagler Museum

This of the Florida day trips gets my vote for best ghost story because I have personally seen ghosts here! It happened on a trip to the Flagler Museum with my mom when I was about 13. I was playing hookey from school for the day, and we had a rare afternoon with just the two of us. I had been to the museum before, and it was one of my favorite spots to daydream, so Mom suggested we take another trip.

Looking back, the day was quite odd. We saw what we thought was a new addition to the museum. There were several people dressed in period garb dancing and leaning over a hallway balcony. They looked happy.

When we were done with our exploration, the lady in the gift shop mentioned that several people had reported ghost sightings lately. My mother told us that she had seen a girl in a wicker chair sitting at a balcony and waiving at her. She thought perhaps the girl, dressed in period clothing, was a ghost.

To get a reference for where she saw this girl, I asked her if it was by the people who were dressed up and dancing on the balcony. The gift counter girl looked at me funny and told me there were no dancing people at the museum. My mother and I both went back to the balcony - the same balcony that we both saw different things - and realized it was completely empty.

You can't beat that for a great story to tell about Florida's Flagler museum! I recommend this fabulous mansion to anyone who wants a great piece of local history...and a little spooky fun!

The Flagler Museum

Best Adventure: Kennedy Space Center

florida-road-trips-03; space shuttle at kennedy space center If you and your family enjoy science and space exploration, the famous space center is a stop that should be included in the itinerary for your Florida road trips.

You and your family will be delighted at the chance to experience hands on interaction with NASA launch locations, and, depending on your timing, you may be fortunate enough to watch a live rocket launch.

We took the kids here when they were little.

They remember the bus tour around the launch center, and of course, astronaut ice cream!

Kennedy Space Center

Best Historical Site: The Fountain of Youth

This site, located in St. Augustine, Florida, is the perfect complement to Florida road trips for history buffs. Florida tourist info notes that St. Augustine is the place where the Spanish Conquistadors first made landfall in America, and this 15 acre site is home to many archeological finds from this time period.

The Fountain of Youth

Best Kept Secret: Fort Myers and Sanibel Island's Beaches

Your Florida road trips can still include a relaxing day at these beautiful beaches. If you and your family enjoy collecting sea shells, this is a can't miss spot for finding tons of beautiful seashells.

Fort Myers and Sanibel Island Beaches

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