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Family Vacations in New Hampshire

Share Your Favorite Tourist Attractions in New Hampshire

Family vacations in New Hampshire on your road trip vacation planning list? Look no further to find a great source of recommendations for attractions in New Hampshire. Plus, take a moment to share your favorites with other traveling families.

Family vacations in New Hampshire are filled with natural wildlife, science explorations, and amazing historical encounters. From a visit to Stonehenge to the fun Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, you can introduce the youngest members of the family to amazing structures known around the world as well as bears, owls, and other creatures of nature.

 family-vacations-in-new-hampshire-01; new hampshire postage stamp Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park is a fun destination if you like resorts, or you can visit the Polar Bear Caves Park and Cobble Mountain Stables if you prefer to explore the natural surroundings in a fun manner.

You can also enrich your family vacations in New Hampshire with a bit of the performing arts at the Hopkins Center.

Friendly Farm is another great to visit if you have animal lovers on board the RV.

Tell us your favorite attractions in New Hampshire.

It's easy to do. Here's a road trip vacation planning review from one reader:

Polar Caves, Rumney, New Hampshire

I have travelled through New Hampshire many times and have visited many places. One of my favorite places to go is the Polar Caves in Rumney, NH. I know that in New Hampshire, it's pretty well known but out of NH, I don't thin that many people know about them.

 family-vacations-in-new-hampshire-02; polar caves rumney new hampshire The last time I went there with my family (my wife and two kids aged 7 and 10) was last summer.

The Polar Caves are a great place for people of all ages who want to climb through little caves but it's especially good for small children.

The Polar Caves basically consist of several crawl spaces between big boulders.

There is beautiful scenery all around and you walk down wooden stairs to many different caves.

Some caves have smaller spaces than others so if you are claustrophobic, some of the caves may not be good for you unless you are feeling adventurous, which you should.

They are very safe and when you get in to the cave, there are lights and some caves contain descriptions of the cave and what it may have been used for.

When I was there last summer, my 10 year old said he was old enough to go in to a cave by himself so we let him while we stood outside of the cave. 30 seconds later, though, we heard him call out that he was stuck. My first reaction was uh-oh, this is bad. I went in to see what was going on and when I found him, I was relieved to see that he wasn't actually stuck and on the contrary, he was actually fine.

It turned out that I got tricked by my 10 year old who was playing a joke on me. There was a very tight squeeze, at least for me, after that but we all managed to make it through.

Another reason the Polar Caves are great is because there is also a farm with animals there that people can pet and observe, which is nice. I know my kids loved seeing the magnificent peacocks. All in all, we all loved the Polar Caves and I would definitely go back one day. If you would like to check it out, the website is http://www.polarcaves.com. It is probably one of my favorite places in New Hampshire, besides Mount Washington, which I would also highly recommend.

Where have you gone for family vacations in New Hampshire? Give us the details of your explorations and rank your attractions in New Hampshire favorites from 1-5. Then kick back and read what others have to say about exploring this amazing state.

What's Your Favorite Family-Friendly Tourist Attraction in New Hampshire?

Do you have a great experience to share? Tell us what places we should visit in New Hampshire!

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