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Facts about Indiana

Indiana Fun Facts, Funny Laws & Silly Stuff

These facts about Indiana will get you thinking! If you're planning the ultimate family vacation adventure to the Hoosier state, or even if you just want to know some Indiana fun facts and silly laws for your own amusement, this list will accomplish your goal.

Traveling through this state can be tons of fun while on your ultimate family vacation adventure, but you have to know at least a few facts on Indiana before you can do your travels right. These fun facts about Indiana will put smiles on everyone's faces and distract the littlest travelers from asking if you're there yet.

To get you started, here is a nice collection of facts about Indiana that will teach everyone a little something about the state you are venturing through during your ultimate family vacation adventure.

Interesting Facts about Indiana

facts-about-indiana-01; outline of state These Indiana fun facts are designed to put a smile across your lips but they will also teach your family a few things about this state.

You may even get a few ideas of where to stop off during your ultimate family vacation adventure.

If you were traveling through Indiana in 1899 you may have made a special pit stop in Martinsville to see the very first goldfish farm.

That year, the very first American goldfish farm was created in that sleepy Indiana town.

Slip on By
Do you enjoy learning about wacky history? Then you will enjoy theses facts about Indiana. So, make sure to stop off at the Slippery Noodle Inn. This is one of the longest standing bars in the state and bullets still mark its rowdy history. In 1850 when the bar was first opened the building out back was a horse stable often used as target practice for the Al Brady and John Dillinger gangs.

Facts About Indiana

State Name: INDIANA

State Abbreviation: IN

State Capital: Indianapolis

Largest City: Indianapolis

State population: 6,483,802

Population Rank: #15/50

Area/Size:36,417.73 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #38/50

Date became a State: Dec. 11, 1816

Number accepted into the Union: #19/50

Residents are called: Hoosiers

Stump your friends with these facts about Indiana.

If you are traveling through the state near the end of the year make sure to stop off at Santa Claus, Indiana.

This holiday-appropriate city receives nearly a million letters and personal requests during the holiday season.

Birth of Baseball
Are you into baseball?

Make sure to tell the family that Fort Wayne was the home to the very first professional ball game way back in 1871.

An American pastime was born that day.

(And I was born in that town!)

Vice Presidential Place
Indiana is now called the "Mother of Vice Presidents" because five VPs have come from this state.

The roll call includes Schuyler Colfax, Thomas A. Hendricks, Charles W. Fairbanks, Thomas Marshall, and Dan Quayle.

Doll Dreams
Raggedy Ann was also born in Indiana! In 1914, the doll was created by Marcella Gruelle right here on the land you now venture through (or will soon venture through). This is one of those Indiana fun facts that could earn you brownie points with little girls in the family.

The Bridges of Historic Parke County
Do you like rolling over covered bridges? As you venture through Historic Parke County you will find yourself underneath quite a few of them. The 32 covered bridges in the area have given it the name of Covered Bridge Capital of the World.

Early News
The first Indiana newspaper went to print in 1804. The Indiana Gazette was printed out of Vincennes and transformed communication in the state forever.

Great Lakes Claim
Indiana is a Great Lakes region state, but did you know that it actually only borders a Great Lake for 40 miles?

This 40 mile stretch runs along Lake Michigan so the state gets recognition with all the other Great Lake states.

Limestone Legacy
Indiana may have brought the world Raggedy Ann and a host of Vice Presidents, but it also brings some of the most beautiful natural limestone to be found anywhere in the world.

Many of the best landmarks throughout the country were created from the rich deposits of limestone located underneath Southern Indiana.

These buildings include the Empire State Building and the Pentagon. This is one of the best facts about Indiana because it teaches a bit of history while still being entertaining.

Indiana Fun Facts: Silly Indiana Laws

facts-about-indiana-02; state sign You've had your fill of interesting facts about Indiana, but what about some kooky laws that happen to still sit on the law books?

Milk Police
Some states outlaw and restrict alcohol, but Indiana places all the negative emphasis on milk.

If you see a gallon sitting in the cooler at the liquor store it could be a police sting, since it is illegal to purchase milk from a liquor store in this state.

Hairy Love
We know you love to kiss everyone you walk by. The urge is just uncontrollable. We understand. Unfortunately, the Indiana police department may not understand if your face happens to have hair. It is illegal for habitual kissers to keep a mustache. Make sure to shave before you pucker up in this state.

Indiana Fun Facts

State Motto: "The Crossroads of America"
State Nickname: Hoosier State
State Bird: Cardinal
State Flower: Peony
State Tree: Tulip Tree

What's that smell?

If you think there's something fishy in Indiana, you must be visiting between the months of October and March.

It is technically illegal to take a bath during these months. Read on for more whacky facts about Indiana!

Don't Drink and Walk
Make sure to tip your servers well in Indiana or you could be going without that much needed cocktail. According to silly law in this state, it is forbidden to carry your own cocktail from the bar to your table.

No Sunday Sales
There are a lot of things most people don't do on Sunday, but in Indiana you can't even sell a car. We all know a car salesman or two, so maybe it's understandable.

Indiana is Known For...

You've had your fill of facts about Indiana, but what about a couple quick Indiana fun facts before we part? Former President Benjamin Harrison was born in this state, as were all of these people:

  • James Dean
  • Louise Dresser
  • Vivica A. Fox
  • Brendan Fraser
  • David Letterman
  • Red Skelton
  • Janet Jackson
  • Michael Jackson
  • Florence Henderson
  • Jimmy Hoffa

  • Of course, you could add all the Vice Presidents mentioned in the facts about Indiana above to this list. Oh, and don't forget to add my name to that list as well!

    Besides an arsenal of impressive celebrity names, Indiana is also known for its miles of corn fields and of course, Nascar racing.
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