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Delaware treasure hunting can be an incredible addition to your family camping vacations. Learn about the history of treasure from Delaware, and see what Delaware tourist attractions your family can experience on your next RV adventure.

Though many Delaware tourist attractions highlight strictly educational aspects of the first state in the United States, Delaware, has a long history of being a state where people go to look for hidden treasure.

The New York Times has published historical accounts of Delaware treasure hunting expeditions that took place off the coast of Delaware from as far back as 1789.

delaware-treasure-hunting-01; Geocaching Something unique about Delaware treasure hunting is the fact that often, artifacts from old shipwrecks will wash up on the beaches.

In 1937, several young boys on the beach in Lewes, Delaware discovered hundreds of British coins dating from the time of King George III, that had washed up on the beach. As coins continued to wash ashore, this area became known as Coin Beach.

The site was popular among Delaware tourist attractions for many years following.

As time went on, coins made of gold and silver, as well as coins of Spanish origin washed up on the shore.

Finds such as these have led to extensive research concerning the ship wrecks that took place near Delaware, as well as inquiries into which pirate ships may have sailed the seas in this area.

A non-maritime related form of treasure hunting in Delaware is geocaching. Geocaching is a scavenger hunt sport that was started in 2000, by Dave Ulmer, in Oregon. During the first year of the development of geocaching, the sport made its way to Delaware, where it still continues to be popular.

Geocaching in Delaware is a great way for you and your family to explore Delaware tourist attractions while participating in a global sport with thousands of other participants.

Delaware treasure hunting cache sites have been placed in the vicinity of many well known Delaware tourist attractions, as well as relaxing outdoor parks, so you can you can explore nature and history while enjoying the thrill of an old fashioned treasure hunt with your kids.

Delaware is also a state where treasure hunters have unearthed numerous garnets. You and your family should definitely consider Delaware treasure hunting for natural garnets.

The Delaware garnets are generally easy to locate and can be found by hiking in many of Delaware's State Parks.

If you spend some time becoming familiar with the look of uncut garnet stones before you arrive in Delaware, you and your family will have the knowledge you need to hit the trails and spend an afternoon or two rockhounding while on your family camping vacations.

Last, but not least, Delaware is home to various historical treasures. Because Delaware was the first state, you and your family should spend some time exploring Delaware tourist attractions that highlight colonial life in Delaware years ago.

Children will especially enjoy the trip to the Delaware Museum of Natural History, which is home to a variety of exhibits designed to educate visitors about the plant and animal life native to Delaware while on your family camping vacations.

Another fascinating place to visit is the Greenbank Mill and Phillips Farm, a living history historical site that gives visitors an authentic glimpse into the lives of the mill workers and their families who lived there in the past.

This site also offers many hands-on activities that will entertain your children as they learn about archaeology, farming, housekeeping, keeping sheep and other aspects of early colonial life in Delaware while on your next family camping vacations.
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