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Connecticut Treasure Hunting

Connecticut Attractions for a Road Trip with Kids

Connecticut treasure hunting is possible on your next road trip with kids. Learn about the history of treasure hunting in Connecticut and see what Connecticut attractions your family can visit.

Most people don't realize that Connecticut has a long history of being a state where people searched for gold.

Over 100 years ago, the state drew its share of Connecticut treasure hunting prospectors, who were looking for a big find.

Gold was found in a variety of locations, including Colbalt, New Britain, and Greenstone but eventually, the focus of Connecticut treasure hunting shifted to mineral deposits.

Though modern-day Connecticut attractions focus more on the history of Connecticut, you and your family can still participate in your own version of the Connecticut gold rush by panning for gold in rivers and streams.

If you pull together some basic Connecticut treasure hunting supplies, such as a sluice box, a shovel, and some wading boots, you can spend several hours panning for gold at the edges of creeks and streams.

Like many other states, there are plenty of Connecticut attractions dedicated to old legends of lost gold. One of the more popular Connecticut attractions for those interested in Connecticut treasure hunting is Charles Island, an area where many people suspect Capt. William Kidd buried a huge cache of pirate treasure. Many Connecticut treasure hunting expeditions have been launched to search different locations near Connecticut's Long Island Sound, but as of yet, no one has admitted to finding the treasure.

Which is a great reason to add this to your road trip with kids.

Another treasure hunting in Connecticut legend involves the story of the lost gemstone treasure of Thaddues Birke, an importer of gemstones from England. During a tragic accident, an entire train fell through a bridge into the Norwalk River. Among the items never recovered after this accident were Mr. Birke's trunks that were rumored to contain $250,000 of precious gems.

connecticut-treasure-hunting-01; Gemstones If you're looking for Connecticut treasure hunting attractions where you can find your own gemstones, consider visiting River Ben Mining and Gemstone Panning in Oneco, Connecticut.

This family friendly campground is home to one of the Connecticut attractions known as the Lucky Strike Mine, where you and your family can hunt for gemstones, minerals, and fossils during your stay.

In addition, the camp also offers a wildlife and natural history exhibit where your children can observe a variety of animals in their natural habitat. The accommodations at this camp range from cabins to trailers that come with all of the modern conveniences of home.

When you're ready to take a break from Connecticut treasure hunting, you and your family can relax and unwind by taking advantage of the leisure activities the camp offers, such as swimming, fishing, and canoeing.

When you're ready to resume your treasure hunting in Connecticut activities, spend a day at Dinosaur State Park, located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. This park is home to a huge display of dinosaur fossil tracks, as well as nature trails, and an Arboretum that holds many species of plants that there were native to Connecticut during the dinosaur age.

There are other Connecticut attractions that focus on the prehistoric history of the state as well. The Yale Peabody Museum is often home to engaging and entertaining exhibits that will help you and your family learn more about the geological history of Connecticut. Another great stop while on your road trip with kids.

Finally, you can round out your Connecticut treasure hunting adventures in hunting for sea fossils at the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration located in Mystic, Connecticut. This location is one of the Connecticut attractions dedicated to the science of the ocean. The "Dig It!" exhibit will give your family a hands on feel for the thrill of unearthing new fossils.
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