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Childrens Museum of Indianapolis

While visiting Indianapolis, Indiana a few years ago, our family went to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis which I highly recommend if one is traveling in Indiana. The link is as follows: http://www.childrensmuseum.org

We had a lot of fun as we are a science-loving family. Our little boys really enjoyed digging for fossils not to mention how much fun they had throwing sand at each other but immediately got disciplined as their hair had sand in it as well as their mouths.

We absolutely loved the Fireworks of Glass wherein there are sculptures of blown glass in a very tall tower which was totally amazing. We really enjoyed the science works area as well as the chemistry area wherein the kids could actually do hands on things... we even saw a real brain which was pretty gross in my eyes but the husband and kids loved it and they even got to touch it.

I think the best part for the kids was the hands-on participation they got to partake in. I on the other hand was ready to leave as I was so tired of walking and trying to pacify the little one in the stroller who had had enough after about an hour.

We enjoyed eating as well though it was quite expensive but what the heck as it was our vacation and we were pretty hungry after touring the place.

I believe this children’s museum is the larges in the United States and believe that this is one attraction all families need to see. We probably did not even see half of what this museum had to offer as the adults were exhausted but of course the children were still ready to go see more.

Also another fun thing to do is horse and buggy riding. We took all the kids on a horse and buggy ride which again was expensive but worth it: Here is the link http://www.blueribboncarriages.com.

While riding through the town in Indianapolis we saw a “crazy” driver of a car showing off. My husband and I as well as our kids were amazed as the driver of a right next to us started to drive the car on its side. This car must have been a “special” car as we had never seen anything like it... the driver of our buggy was mad and called the police as she said this was a road hazard.

Nonetheless we had a blast riding through the town on a horse and carriage. After we got off, the kids had to pet the horse and give it a little bit of food

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Dec 11, 2011
How great!
by: Emilyn at RV Travel with Kids

My kids would have loved this.Thanks for telling us about your trip!Please tell us about more of your adventures by joining our free family travel network.

Feb 09, 2011
Childrens Museum of Indianapolis
by: Anonymous

One day while visiting my sister, my family and I drove past a huge building that caught our eyes. It was a pale yellow and white building that appeared to have life-size dinosaurs trying to escape!

This was our first time visiting the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis or any children’s museum for that fact and being curious and we went in for a little look-see. This place looked bigger on the inside than it had on the outside!

The first thing to catch your eye is a gigantic water clock which was quite accurate. The kids had so much fun running around, with so much to see on all the five levels. It's stuffed with all sorts of eye-catching and hands-on exhibits that encourage your child to play and learn.

It's wasn’t only fun for the kids but my teenagers enjoyed going there as well, running around and playing just as much as the kids. And at the end of the day, The Children’s Museum’s dinosaur mascot leads a parade starting at the top level to the water clock where everyone ends up and the museum closes. But we don’t leave until everyone has had their fill of the museum’s gift shop which doubles as a toy shop. As the years have passed, some exhibits were taken away only to be replaced with something more interesting.

The museum is constantly changing keeping the experience here new and a fun place to go to continuously. The prices are affordable and definitely worth it. If you're ever traveling through Indianapolis, Indiana; this is one place you have to visit.

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