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Charlotte Mason Homeschool

The Charlotte Mason Philosophy for Full Time Rving

Charlotte Mason homeschool can be a great choice for families wishing to educate their children. But how does the Charlotte Mason philosophy work for full time Rving families?

When looking for the right homeschool option for your children while RVing, the Charlotte Mason homeschool method may be one you come across. The Charlotte Mason philosophy is one that is a bit different from some of the other options for a home education that are available today.

With full time Rving, this is one of the many options you should consider before making your final decision. However, ensure you get a good picture of the Charlotte Mason homeschool methods before you make your final choice.

Here is a closer look at the Charlotte Mason philosophy, information about this method, needed materials, and even the pros and cons that need to be considered.

What is the Charlotte Mason Method?

charlotte-mason-homeschool-01;woman and child First, you need to know a bit about Charlotte Mason before you can understand the Charlotte Mason homeschool method.

She lived during the late 1800s and beginning of the 1900s and she was an educator in Britain.

During her time as an educator, she came up with her own method of learning - essentially the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education.

The Charlotte Mason homeschool method is based upon the idea that there are three different parts of education - Atmosphere, Discipline, and a Life.

The atmosphere referred to the surroundings of the child, meaning their home environment. The discipline part of education has to do with cultivating good habits. Life refers to academic teaching, but her philosophy was that this was about more than just facts - the thoughts and ideas taught should be living.

The Charlotte Mason philosophy is based upon teaching children as a whole person. This includes using good habits, experiences, and living books. The concept of living books is important to the Charlotte Mason homeschool method.

The use of living books is one of the most well known methods that is a part of the Charlotte Mason philosophy. Instead of using textbooks that are factual, but dry, she using what are known as living books.

These living books are written by people passionate about their subject and they are written in narrative or conversational styles, pulling you into the topic. Her idea was to use living books to make learning come alive.

Other important methods that are part of the Charlotte Mason homeschool option include short lessons, using narration instead of writing, dictation, copywork, and nature study which are great while full time Rving.

What Materials are Needed to Start

If you're going to get started with the Charlotte Mason homeschool method, you will need a few materials while full time Rving. First, parents who are going to use this method should check out books by some of the most popular interpreters of this teaching method.

This includes both Charlotte Mason Education, new edition, as well as More Charlotte Mason Education, by Catherine Levinson. Karen Andreola also has a book on this method called A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning.

These books can give parents a closer look at the methods used by Mason. They provide an interpretation of her teaching methods that are easy to read and understand as well.

Once you have learned the essentials needed to use this method, you'll want to make sure you get all the materials needed to begin the teaching. This usually includes some textbooks and a lot of other books to integrate into the lessons, which are the living books that are such an integral part of the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

The Pros and Cons

charlotte-mason-homeschool-02; pros and cons chalk board As with any other method, the Charlotte Mason homeschool method comes with various pros and cons to keep in mind.

Look carefully at these pros and cons, which have a specific impact on RVers trying to decide on a method of homeschooling while full time Rving.

Pro #1 - A More Flexible Approach
One of the main pros is that this method offers a more flexible approach than some other options, such as a classical education.

This is especially true when it comes to the younger grades.

Pro #2 - Emphasizes the Arts
Another pro of the Charlotte Mason philosophy and method is that it emphasizes the arts. The arts are included in this method of education more than they are in a Classical approach.

Pro #3 - Puts More Emphasis on Experience
More emphasis is put on experiences as well with this educational approach. Instead of focusing on texts that are dry, this method is usually hands on, which can provide better retention.

Con #1 - Can Take a Lot of Time Through Parent Instruction and Explanations
One of the problems is that this can take quite a bit of your time because of the parent instruction and explanations that are both required. For parents that don't have a lot of time, this can become a problem.

Con #2 - Requires Many Materials
Another problem is that many materials are needed as well. Since there is so much focus on living books, a variety of books are needed on a regular basis to supplement the teaching. As RVers, it can be tough to find places to store all of these materials as well.

Con #3 - The Cost
Since good books can cost quite a bit of money, it can get quite expensive to keep buying the books that are needed for the Charlotte Mason homeschool method, especially when regular library visits are difficult.

For RVers, this may not be the best option, since it does require so many materials and can really start costing you fast. However, every family is different. Take time to consider the Charlotte Mason philosophy. Find out all you can about the Charlotte Mason homeschool method and then make a decision based on your needs.
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