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RV Cooking Recipes and More

Campfire food can be one of the most exciting parts of RV travel with kids. Try these RV cooking recipes, learn about the RV grill, and even try your hand at making a solar oven.

Though a lot of space is sacrificed when making the decision to go fulltime RV living, your RV kitchen and RV cooking recipes shouldn't be part of this. Campfire food can still be a big (and fun) part of your RV travel with kids adventure.

campfire-food-08; a beautiful campfire for songs and s'mores

The RV Kitchen

campfire-food-01; inside an rv refrigerator RV cooking recipes. Trimming down possessions is not easy, and when a family new to RV travel with kids approaches the though of getting rid of the majority of their kitchen supplies, it can be very difficult indeed.

What to bring for campfire food? The bread machine? The blender? What about the crock pot?

Then there is the food itself. Just where is all that food going to go? Should you add more to the refrigerator? Install more shelves in the pantry?

And how do you manage to cook with a counter top the size of a cutting board and limited space for groceries? These RV cooking recipes and tips should help you get started cooking campfire food (that is, food out of your RV).
  • Organizing Your RV Kitchen
  • RV Kitchen Checklist
  • Utilizing Outdoor Cooking Space
  • RV Cooking Recipes
  • RV Cook Books

  • The RV Grill

    campfire-food-13; the worst rv grill you could possibly buy Grilling and RVing go hand-in-hand.

    Since RV kitchens are so small, the RV grill works overtime, providing Dad with something to do, keeping the heat out of the RV (especially during summer) and making food taste delicious.

    Plus, the RV grill can double as a s'mores maker where campfires (and campfire food) are not allowed.

    The RV grill is much like any other grill, but there are a few things to think about in this mobile society.

    (Ask Ed why the $350 Commercial grill with side burner and storage cabinet in this picture did not work as well in the RV as he thought it would. No, seriously, ask him!)
  • Finding Your RV Grill
  • RV Grilling Techniques
  • Recipes for RV Grilling

  • Campfire Food

    One of the benefits to RV living is the fact that we can take advantage of the great outdoors as our own personal kitchen. Whether that means grilling on an RV grill, as above, or over a campfire making campfire food, utilizing outdoors cooking methods will go a long way towards reducing the amount of heat produced in your rig.

    campfire-food-05; group of kids roasting marshmallows over fire Plus, when you RV travel with kids, out of the ordinary experiences, like cooking hot dogs on a stick over an open fire will be extra fun for them!

    Its funny, really, but when they look back at their childhood as adults, the experiences that will stand out in their minds won't be the view of the Grand Canyon, it will be the time Mom managed to set her hot dog on fire but had it remain cold in the center.

    Families bond over food, and they will bond more over campfire food.
  • How to Start a Fire
  • Fire Safety Tips for Kids
  • Campfire Snack Recipes
  • Campfire Recipes
  • Stone Soup

  • The Camp Oven or Dutch Oven

    campfire-food-09, stew cooking in a dutch oven over an open fire A big part of campfire food and cooking is the camp oven, or dutch oven.

    Most commonly made of cast iron, the dutch oven can produce some of the most fabulous tasting campfire food around.

    There is a learning curve, however, to using a dutch oven, but this unique way of preparing food might make the perfect RV travel with kids homeschooling project!
  • What is a Dutch Oven
  • Finding the Best Dutch Oven
  • How to Use a Dutch Oven
  • Dutch Oven Recipes

  • campfire-food-04; homemade rocket stove boiling water

    Cooking Projects with Kids

    Campfire cooking would not be complete without more ideas on projects that can be done with your kids!

    We have found that if we are in a park sitting outside trying to construct a cooking apparatus, every child in the entire park is sitting by our feet, enthralled with the process.

    Kids love projects, and they love seeing new things, and gaining new perspective on how to do ordinary tasks.
  • Making a Rocket Stove
  • Making a Solar Oven
  • Buying a Solar Oven
  • Using a Solar Oven
  • Other Fun Cooking Projects for Kids

  • campfire-food-03; storing potatoes and onions in an RV

    Pantry Cooking

    If you plan on boondocking for an extended period of time, or if you just want to have some staples in your rig to utilize when it gets difficult to get to a store, then you will want to learn a little bit about pantry cooking.

    This is a cooking method (can be used with campfire food) for making the most out of a limited amount of supplies.

    Pantry cooking is also very useful during an emergency situation, whether that is weather related or financial.

    The only drawback to pantry cooking is the space it often takes and/or the weight. But here are some great RV cooking recipes and tips for making pantry cooking work.
  • What is Pantry Cooking
  • How to Stock an RV Pantry
  • Pantry Cooking Recipes

  • campfire-food-14; little girl at a tea party in a tea room

    Dining Out on the Road

    RV living full time and RV travel with kids will lend itself to many opportunities to dine out.

    Some of us choose to dine out more than others, bypassing campfire food.

    Whether it is for the joy of experiencing new foods and places, or just for the simple necessity of food, here are some tips for making the most of your dining out experiences on the road.
  • Tips for Dining Out with Children
  • Kids Eat Free Restaurants
  • How to Save Money Dining Out

  • Food on the Go

    campfire-food-12; picnic basket for picnic with kids While on the road, traveling from one destination to another, it can be difficult to find low cost, time saving, space allowing ways to cook.

    Too often, simply conveniences has us turning to expensive dining out for every meal on travel day, but with these tips, you can have easy cooking experiences while you are mobile.

    Here are some great ideas for ways to maximize your cooking efforts.
  • Car Food
  • Picnics with Kids
  • Potlucks and Campground Cookouts
  • Meal Assembly Kitchens
  • Foraging for Wild Food

  • campfire-food-02; crock pot set up in an RV

    The Food Budget

    Food is expensive, and prices are rising fast.

    There are ways to save substantial money on food expenses, no matter where you are or what types of foods you eat.

    From utilizing local foods on the road to learning the art of using coupons to stock your pantry for free, there are many food saving tips for those of us who fulltime RV travel with kids.
  • Discount Food Networks
  • When in Rome, Eat Like the Romans
  • Workamping Food
  • Coupons, Discounts, and Refunds
  • I hope you have enjoyed this section on campfire food. With a little thought and preparation, you don't need to sacrifice any of your favorite food activities for full time RV living. You can have your cake and eat it too!

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