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Calvert Curriculum in a Box

The reasons that parents decide to home school are many and varied. Being from the South, I find that many people in my community who homes school do so for religious reasons. I have no religious quarrel with the public schools in my area, I simply do not feel that my child will receive a good education by attending them.

Consequently, I chose to purchase the Calvert curriculum school in a box. It comes with a comprehensive teachers' manual, all of the text books, even your pencils and paper. Calvert offers a classical education for students. The fourth grade curriculum includes a fantastic world history book, while the third grade chooses to teach some of the history lessons through classical mythology. If you would like for your child to study art or a language, you can add these lessons on separately - I have purchased both the art and the French program.

The best feature of Calvert is that you can elect to have a teacher at their physical school in Baltimore, Maryland grade end of semester exams for your child. I have done this for the past two years and it has been worth every penny. This way, if we move and my child goes back to a traditional school, it will be easy to prove that they have learned everything according to grade standards and there will be no risk of her being held back/forced to repeat a grade.

To any parent considering home schooling, this is what I have to say: I have looked over many different curriculum and Calvert is the only one I would ever recommend.

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