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California Treasure Hunting

Go Gold Panning in California

Looking for California treasure? Learn about the history of gold panning in California and plan your next ultimate family vacation adventure!

California is famous for the gold rush that ensued in 1840 after James Marshall discovered gold nuggets at Sutter's Mill. From that point on, hundreds of thousands of people rushed to California in the hopes that they could have a stake in the remaining California treasure.

california-treasure-01; panning for gold in california In a migration pattern similar to that of the Alaskan Gold Rush, people who altered their lives to go gold panning in California traveled there from all over the world.

Some people panned for California treasure by sifting through rocks and sediment in rivers and streams, while more prosperous prospectors financed extensive mining expeditions.

At any rate, massive amounts of gold were located, though not every miner became wealthy.

Today, families searching for treasure have the luxury of visiting various modern day mining outfits that are set up to help you get the most out of gold panning in California.

Some families choose more tourist friendly treasure hunting sites such as Gold Prospecting Adventures in Jamestown, California. Still others prefer to educate themselves about the whereabouts of possible gold finds by studying old prospecting maps and panning maps.

Families who choose the latter method for their California hunting often take their RVs to popular destinations for gold panning in California and camp out for several days while exploring.

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For the most basic types of river gold panning in California, you will need a sluice box, in order to help you separate the regular rocks from dirt and possible nuggets of gold.

In the Opal Hill Mine of Palo Verde, California, you and your family can search for fire agates for a small fee.

Though your California treasure hunts for agates may take several hours, the owners of the Opal Hill mine are confident that most visitors will go home with a satisfactory find or two.

This will be a great addition to you ultimate family vacation adventure.

In addition, you and your family will have the option of either digging to find an agate vein, or sifting through the mind tailings left behind by previous visitors. Because the Opal Hill mine is quite a ways from civilization, be sure to bring plenty of food, water, and camping supplies if you plan to remain there for an extended period of time. You also need some basic California treasure hunting paraphernalia such as buckets, shovels, and a wire brush.

california-treasure-02; California Name If you and your family are interested in finding tourmaline during your California hunts, be sure to stop by the Himalaya Mine located in Santa Ysabel, California.

This mine has been in operation since 1898 and has yielded high levels of pink and green tourmaline stones over the years.

Which makes this an ultimate family vacation adventure.

When you visit this site, you and your family will get the opportunity to experience the treasure hunting adventure of a lifetime as you explore the underground maze of passageways where you will be able to hunt for tourmaline while on your ultimate family vacation adventure.

Finally, if you have the opportunity, be sure to visit the Beverly Loan Company located in Beverly Hills, California. While this high-class pawn shop won't be able to replicate the experience of panning for gold in California, you and your family will likely be awed by the atmosphere and merchandise. This company has a reputation for being known as "The pawn shop to the stars," and was even featured on the Travel Channel.
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