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California State Tax Rates

Choosing California as an RV Domicile State

California state tax rates are important to consider when choosing the state you want for your RV domicile or home base. Other things for RV families on the road to consider will include homeschooling laws in California, and California drivers license and California auto insurance requirements.

The nice thing about having no ties to any state is the ability to choose your RV domicile, or RV home base. You can find a state that offers the best set of options for you and your family, depending on your individual needs. Of course, not every full time RV family has the ability or option of choosing their domicile. See the following page to determine if your domicile has been chosen for you:

Choosing an RV Domicile

California State Tax Rates

california-state-tax-rates; map of usa state california Probably the most important consideration when choosing an RV home base is the way income taxes will affect you.

Most states charge residents an annual income tax, in addition to their federal income taxes.

California state tax rates include income taxes and state sales tax.
  • State Income Tax? YES
  • Income Tax Rate: 1-9.3%
  • Sales Tax: 7.25% plus possible county taxes
  • California Department of Revenue
  • California Sales Tax Information

  • California Drivers License and License Plates

    Another list of items consider with California state tax rates are the California drivers license and license plates and tags fees. Some of these fees are one time only, such as the California state tax rates assessed when registering from out of state (if purchased within the last 365 days), but others are annual, like the annual tags fees.
  • California Drivers License Fees: $27 for 4 years
    Class A required for towing a trailer over 10K lbs
    or a 5th Wheeler over 15K lbs
    Class B with Endorsement required for motorcoach between 40-45 feet
  • Tax when registering vehicle from out of state: 6.5% tax on market value of vehicle (if vehicle was purchased within 365 days of moving to CA)
  • Title Transfer Fees: $15
  • Vehicle Safety Inspection or Emissions Testing? Safety: Visual inspection done, one time
    Emissions: Smog inspections required, some exclusions
  • Annual Tags Fees:
  • All Vehicles: $40
    TAX: Assessed a license fee when vehicle is acquired based on purchase price or value
  • California Drivers License Information
  • California Vehicle Registration Information

  • california-state-tax-rates-02; california state quarter

    RV Insurance and California Auto Insurance

    What state you call home determines your automobile insurance requirements.

    Each state is different, and the coverage required might contribute to your RV domicile decision.

    California auto insurance requirements are as follows. Information on how to obtain California RV insurance is also included.
  • Liability Coverage: $15,000-30,000
  • Property Damage: $5,000
  • California Auto Insurance Requirements
  • RV Insurance Information
  • Good Sam RV Insurance

  • Voting

    Voting is important to most Americans.

    Fuel Tax Rates

    Diesel - 36.7c
    Gasoline - 18c

    Luckily, you still have the ability to register and vote while on the road.

    State politics might also be a consideration to take into account when choosing an RV home base. Here is the information on voting in California.
  • Residency Requirements: 29 days
  • Address Requirements: Physical address
  • California Voter Registration Information

  • Homeschooling Laws in California

    All states have different homeschooling laws and regulations. Some states don't exactly allow homeschooling, or try and call it something else. California is one of these states.

    Homeschooling laws in California give parent four options: register your homeschool as a private school, enroll your child in a private satellite school, have your child taught by a certified tutor, or have your child enrolled in public school at home. Most parents choose the first option, starting their own private school to meet the requirements. Annual testing is not required.
    Links for Homeschooling Laws in California (and other information)
  • California Homeschool Network
  • Homeschooling Laws in California

  • california-state-tax-rates-03; blackline map of california

    Other Domicile Tidbits

    Though California state tax rates are probably the biggest concern you'll have when deciding on making California your RV domicile state, other information might make a difference as well.

    The weather may play a factor for you if you plan to set up some sort of home base in the state, and the regulations on gun permits are a very hot topic with many RVers.
  • Up-to-Date California Weather Reports
  • California Reciprocal Concealed Weapons Law & Gun Control Laws

  • RV Domiciles in Other States

    California state tax rates or homeschooling laws in California not to your liking? Don't worry! There are 49 more states to choose an RV domicile from! Check out the following resources to help you to make your full time RV living decision.

    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York
    North Carolina
    North Dakota
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    South Dakota
    West Virginia


    This RV home base and domicile guide is intended to assist you with making a decision on which state to call home. Though we have done our very best to find current laws and tax rates, each state has the ability to change their rules at any time. Please follow the links above and verify everything before making a decision.

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