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Butterball! Where is my Butterball!

Once upon a time there was a small little town out in the middle of nowhere. The whole town knew of a witch that haunted the town's children.

Each night she would go out and tap on the children's bedroom windows and she would whisper ever so eerily "All I need is Butterball, All i need is Butterball."

All the towns people knew she wanted Butterball for soup, and that she would not rest until she found Butterball. But the children as naive as they were believed it was all just to keep them away from the strange old house on the hill ( which happened to be the evil witch's).

So one day without knowing the truth behind the town, a family moved into town who's son's name happened to be... Butterball. While out playing one day and trying to make new friends, Butterball was with a group of town's children and they dared him to knock on the witch's door.

And when he did , all he heard was "Is that you Butterball?"

"Yes, it is" Butterball replied.

So she welcomed him in and without knowing he entered, and that was the last time anyone heard of butterball. Although the towns people really liked her soup the children were still warned of the house on the hill.

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