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Alabama Treasure Hunting Experiences

Fun for the Whole Family on a Road Trip with Kids

Alabama treasure hunting! Sound like a great way to spend a road trip with kids? These attractions in Alabama have a prize inside.

Every state in United States has plenty of hidden treasure, and Alabama is no exception. You and your family can experience your own treasure hunting excursions at a variety of different Alabama vacation spots. 

alabama-treasure-hunting-01; gold nuggets found in alabama From gold prospecting legends to campsites where you can dig for your own treasures in the ground, your Alabama treasure hunting trip will be one that your family remembers forever.

Gold was first found in Alabama in 1830, and people are still searching for it today. Some points of interest for an Alabama treasure hunting trip include the Lineville, Alabama Gold Camp.

In addition to traditional camp activities such as hiking or riding horses, visitors will have the opportunity to dredge and sluice for their own gold in campground creeks.

The Lineville camp isn't the only place in Alabama where gold has been discovered.  Nearly 150 mines and streams have been identified as places where you might be likely to strike gold on your treasure hunting trip. Most places allow you to sluice in streams or use your own metal detectors to hunt for gold in the ground.

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Keel Mountain, near the city of Gurley, Alabama is also one of the more interesting Alabama vacation spots for those interested in searching for the lost gold of Keel Mountain.

Rumor has it that in 1862, during a raid on a group on Union soldiers, rebel guerrilla Jeremiah McCain was able to hide $50,000 in gold coins from his fellow rebels as well as the Union army.

Jeremiah confessed to hiding the gold on his deathbed, but no Alabama treasure hunting adventurers have been able to locate it since. No one knows for sure if his confession was real, or the result of a dying man's delusions, but the story has attracted many treasure seekers to the area in search of the haul of a lifetime.

Those looking for different types of bargains during Alabama treasure activities may want to stop by one of the retail locations of the Treasure Hunt chain of discount merchandisers.

alabama-treasure-hunting-02; alabama sign Other Alabama vacation spots to check out include rock and geode caves, as well as places where you might be able to find Civil War relics.

Alabama is home to more than 4,000 caves and new caves are discovered each year.

Caves are an excellent spot for treasure hunting because you can often discover natural goodies such as geodes, rocks and agates.

Your children will have a great time building or expanding their personal rock collections when they spend some time searching for special finds in the caves and creeks. A good starting point for geode and agate hunting are the caves and creeks near Huntsville, Alabama.

To get the most out if searching for Civil War relics during your treasure hunting trip, you and your family should spend some time researching locations of Civil War Battles in Alabama.

Next, spend some time online or check out some library books that contain photos of items that can typically be located at Civil War relic sites. Armed with this knowledge, you and your kids will be more than ready to embark on an Alabama treasure hunting journey and spend some time getting up close and personal with the ground where these items are hidden.
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