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Alabama Interesting Facts, Silly Laws and Fun Stuff

Alabama Fun Facts for Road Trip Planning

Alabama interesting facts are a fun read when road trip planning! Whether you are traveling through the state, or just interested in learning some Alabama fun facts, we've got you covered.

From stars falling in the sky to mailmen paddling their way through water routes, there are many Alabama interesting facts to give the family a laugh when road trip planning. This was the birthplace of the very first electric trolley as well as some sports greats like Hank Aaron and boxer Joe Lewis. Alabama fun facts are educational but they will always give you something to smile about.

There are many more Alabama interesting facts where that came from, so sit back, relax and enjoy some enlightening Alabama fun facts.

Alabama Interesting Facts You Have to Read to Believe

Get your funny bone ready and hire the family's best reader to call out these Alabama fun facts...

alabama-interesting-facts-01; state outline of alabama
Rocket Science
The very first rocket to the moon carrying humans was put together in Alabama.

Apparently, the stereotypical notion that all southerners are uneducated rednecks is completely wrong!

There must be some smart people in the bunch if they can build the very first human-worthy rockets and successfully blast it to the moon!

Boatload of Mail
In the city of Magnolia Springs the mailmen paddle along the river to deliver mail.

This is the only mail route operating entirely on water today.

Don't feel sorry for their worn out arms or their water logged ears...at least they don't have to worry about being chased by dogs!

Tribal Town of Today
What does "Alabama" mean in the Creek Indian tongue? It means "tribal town," which isn't very far off considering their mailmen still trade letters for stamps by boat. Not far off from the fur tradesmen of our distant past, right?

Deaf Miss America
The first Miss America with an acknowledged disability came from Alabama. In 1995, Heather Whitestone defied everyone who told her a deaf woman couldn't win such a high esteemed pageant when she stood at the center of the stage and accepted her crown.

Alabama Interesting Facts

State Name: ALABAMA

State Abbreviation: AL

State Capital: Montgomery

Largest City: Birmingham

State population: 4,708,708

Population Rank: #23/50

Area/Size: 50,750 square miles

Area/Size Rank: #28/50

Date became a State: December 14, 1819

Number accepted into the Union: #22/50

Residents are called: Alabamian, Alabaman

Historic Typewriter
Bessemer, Alabama is the current home of Hitler's personal typewriter.

It sits in the Hall of History, which makes it a unique Alabama interesting facts because you can actually go see it for yourself!

Lost Luggage
Have you ever lost your luggage while flying?

If so, you might want to stop over at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama.

They actually buy lost luggage that was never reclaimed from airports.

You never know what you may find here.

Cave Man's Grave
Russell Cave was the peaceful home of a real pre-historic man skeleton. That was until it was discovered and put on display for interested travelers like yourself. So much for peace and quiet in the cave for this of Alabama interesting facts.

Historic Flight
When the Birmingham Airport opened its runway in 1931, it took 19 hours to fly across the country to L.A. The flight distance from Birmingham to LA is 1,803 miles, so those planes were flying nearly 95 miles per hour.

Mardi Gras Origins
Alabama interesting facts galore!

Alabama introduced the civilized Western world to the notion of glittery beads and all night street carnival fun.

New Orleans brought Mardi Gras to town and it soon took over the country.

Falling Stars
In November of 1833 an immaculate meteor shower flashed across the sky in the Southeast.

This event lit up the sky and started the saying "stars fell on Alabama." You may have seen that on license plates since it became a plate accessory in 2002.

Silly Alabama Laws

You know to buckle your seat belts and watch the speed limit, but you may not be aware of these silly Alabama laws...

alabama-interesting-facts-02; alabama flag
Bear Laws
You are not allowed to wrestle your bears in Alabama. Keep your bears in the RV and make them duck when you pass a police cruiser. You don't want to be accused of coming into town for illegal bear race matches.

Boogy Woogy
It is illegal to flick your boogers into the Alabama wind, so keep your fingers to your sides when passing through this state. Picking your brother or sister's boogers for them isn't legal either!

Domino Defiance
Put away the Dominoes before going to sleep Saturday night because they are illegal here on Sundays. Where do you think you are? Vegas?

Hunting Ban
It is also illegal to go out hunting on Sunday. Put the guns away with the dominoes on Saturday night.

Mustache Mockery
Your fake mustache may be popular with your friends, but apparently Alabama pastors don't like it so much. If that mustache isn't real it better not cause a giggle in church or you will be breaking the law big time. This is the heart of the Bible belt, after all!

Alabama Fun Facts

State Motto: We Dare Defend Our Rights!
State Nickname: Yellow Hammer and The Heart of Dixie
State Bird: Yellow Hammer
State Flower: Camellia
State Tree: Longleaf Pine

Death by Salt
Eating lunch on the railroad tracks may be exciting in other states, but you might drop some salt on the tracks which makes it a serious crime in Alabama.

Those who salted the railroad tracks were once worthy of the death sentence, so step off the tracks before you salt your pretzel.

Blindfolded Shenanigans
When daddy mans the wheel of the RV, you are not allowed to blindfold him until he exits the state of Alabama. It is totally illegal to drive blindfolded in this state. Darn! You have to be blindfolded to play the best games of highway chicken!

Those Alabama fun facts should get your rolling down the road, but there is one more question to answer: what is Alabama known for?

Alabama is Known For...

The above Alabama interesting facts taught you that the "rednecks" in Alabama are pretty smart despite their southern roots, but there is something else they happen to be: Civil Rights Movement survivors. The southern states were deeply invested in this movement since they were primary states holding onto slavery. This put Alabama front and center for many of the biggest events to take place during the Civil Rights Movement.

Are you ready for more Alabama interesting facts? Here's one more for the road: Alabama is well known for growing cotton, so keep your eyes peeled for those big fields glowing with white puffballs.

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