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Abeka Curriculum Works for Us

When I realized my ten year old daughter was having trouble in school, socially and educationally, I knew I had to take some proactive steps to protect her future. I was having no luck with the school principal or teachers, so I turned to my friends for advice.

One of my casual acquaintances told me that she had just begun homeschooling her son, who was the same age as my daughter. I had not even remotely considered this option. Even after she mentioned it, I felt I lacked the credentials to properly teach my child.

After a few more weeks of problems with the school system, I became frustrated. With frustration, rash decisions often happen. I pulled my daughter out of the school in an angry tirade, and decided at that moment I was going to throw caution to the wind and become a homeschooling mom. After all, I had to do a better job than what her teachers were doing for her! The only problem was that I had no idea where to begin.

My homeschooling friend was using her own curriculum, and she had a teaching education. I did hours worth of research online, but there was so much information, I just became scared of every choice. I didn’t know what was a scam and what was legitimate.

Finally I came across the A Beka program. I double and triple checked the information, and I even called a lawyer friend of mine to help me determine if it was safe to use. I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

Words cannot express how glad I was that I made this decision. The program was relatively inexpensive compared to many others, however, it was a shock to my budget considering my daughter went to public school.

That was where the downsides ended. A Beka has been nothing but a blessing for me and my daughter. It is a Christian based program, and many of the lessons, including the math ones, are based around Christian concepts. My family is not overly religious, but this just made me feel good. I loved being able to inadvertently teach my daughter about our faith.

One of the greatest things about this program is that anyone could teach the lessons. There are very clearly laid out instructions for the “teacher”, and the curriculum guidelines are easy to follow. It was also very easy to change up the lessons here and there to fit our needs. A Beka is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a teaching education. It took me one night of reading to make my lesson plan for each week.

On top of being simple to use, it uses what I like to call the old fashioned learning modules. Math and reading is taught the way I learned it, from the basics. My only complaint about this program is that it seemed to be more advanced than what my daughter was ready for. This is primarily because of her previous teachers letting her slip through the cracks. I had to tweak the lessons a bit in order to fit them to her learning abilities. I’m sure most people would not see this as a drawback but rather a perk.

All in all, the A Beka curriculum is a quality program. I used it for three years with great success.

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