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Abeka and Bob Jones University Homeschool Materials

As a homeschooling veteran with thirteen years under my belt, I have tried several brands of curriculum over the years. In the beginning, I used complete box sets because it was much simpler to handle the new and unfamiliar world that we had entered into when I had everything laid out for me.

Every homeschooling family has their own set of circumstances to deal with and it is so important to find a system that works best for each individual child. However, using the same system for multiple children can save time and money because the majority of the books could be passed from one child to another.

Abeka Book works nicely for families whose children are near the same age because the Teacher's Edition and student textbooks are durable and can easily be used for more than one school year. The tests can be ordered separately and usually have a fair time period that they can be matched to older textbooks. The books can be purchased in complete box sets.

The Abeka material is up to date and covers all of the necessities but at times it can be a bit more information that is even necessary. This can cause some boredom from endless reading and very little activity.

I found this to be especially true in the high school subjects. American History, although informative, is just page after page of historical facts with very little relief.

Another company which offers boxed sets is Bob Jones University Press. These books are also well made and can be reused. I believe that the information in these books was presented in a more interesting way than Abeka.

We have used these books for high school math subjects such as Algebra and Geometry. The text is well written and the Teacher's Edition was very helpful to me. As of today, we are still using Bob Jones and I have not yet been disappointed. The pictures are more life like and there are more activities that break up the monotonous reading without any breaks.

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