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Abeka Academy Curriculum Review

I use the A Beka Academy curriculum for home schooling. I do this because they utilize A Beka books which emphasize Christian education and learning.

We use the DVD’s that came with the curriculum to do the daily assigned lessons. The children are given lesson plan books to follow along with the DVD’s and do their homework.

The teachers on the DVD’s are quite knowledgeable. The best classes that I have found so far are English and math. These subjects can be hard to teach so utilizing the DVD’s and the teacher’s editions of the books really helped me get through the subjects.

The curriculum is great because as the children get older, they can utilize different subjects like literature and foreign languages. These can be hard to teach but being able to teach it to a child one on one helps them to learn the subject matter much better than in a crowded classroom.

I like how I administer quizzes but tests are sent off so that report cards can be issued. It is incredibly convenient because at the end of each term there are a lot of essays, exams, and projects that need to be sent off for grading.

The school provides great report cards and the children do well on their state standardized tests that they are required to take. All in all, A Beka Academy’s homeschooling curriculum is great for Christian parents who want to teach their children at home. The daily lesson plans make the whole process much easier and the curriculum is tough yet fair so that children can learn as much as possible.

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Apr 25, 2011
Abeka Here Too
by: Anonymous

My oldest son is a late six year old, meaning his birthday gives him a late start to school. We began the Abeka Academy Accredited Kindergarten program in September 2010. I contacted Abeka Academy, they gave me a fixed price of $500 and some change for all the materials I needed to educate my son.

The items included in the Kindergarten package is grade book, answer keys, student books, all the DVD’s for the program, alphabet flash cards, Bible verse flash cards and the facilitator program guide. The student books package include Phonics (Letters and Sounds), Arithmetic (Numbers), Writing with Phonics, Readiness Skills and Social Studies.

I really love this program, the teacher on the DVD, Mrs. Bere is fantastic. My son really feels apart of the group and I am amazed at what this program has taught him. The Bible verses are taught in a sequence of learning the alphabet, and if you tell my son to say the “I” verse, he will tell you.

I find that communication with this school is very easy. I am able to call them on the phone and have someone answer my question. They will even communicate by email. If they feel they are not able to communicate the emailed question, someone from the proper department will call you.

I really like this means of education, my son is learning a great deal and my three year old son likes to watch the program with him. I will continue to use this program for as long as I am able to homeschool my sons.

One of the great things I like about this program, in the facilitator guide book, it tells me which work I need to grade and turn into the school. I record the specific grades on the progress report page. At the end of the grading period, the papers and the progress report are then placed into an envelope provided by Abeka Academy, and I mail it in. Once the work is received, someone from the school reviews his work, and then places his grades online. This way the school ensures he is doing his work correctly, and also Abeka is able to maintain their accredited grades.

I recommend this program to anyone, because it is an all-in-one homeschool program that is fully accredited.

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