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A True Story

This is actually a personal story, something that I witnessed and have talked about often around the campfire, mostly because it's just so frightening because it really happened.

When I was 11 years old my big sister was 13. She often told friends and family that she saw dead people. We shrugged it off because it was around the time "The Sixth Sense" came out and well, everyone was seeing dead people.

Anyways, we had a friend, Tammy, who lived down the street from us that we talked to often, but being new to the neighborhood, we'd not yet been to each other's houses.

One day Tammy invited my sister and I inside for something to drink, and happily, we agreed to get out of the sun and come inside. My sister and I walked in the house and she started hyperventilating, getting really white in the face, and then ran out of the house. Tammy and I ran after her and asked her what had happened. She claimed she saw someone hanging from the chandelier in the dining room, even though Tammy's dining room didn't have a chandelier.

We took my sister home and then Tammy and I went back to her house and told her mom about what my sister said. Tammy's mom got white in the face as she shared with us that she got the house for an excellent price because a man hung himself from the chandelier that used to be in the dining room and the man's family was sure that he was haunting the place.

Even writing this now, I have goosebumps. I'll never forget that day.

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